"Why go to Hollywood, when we have stars right here" -Colgate Smilez

TV I.M.A.G.E Productions LLC is a veteran owned and operated television production company in the city of Houston producing original television sitcoms with prime time cable television distribution through Xfinity (comcast), AT&T U-Verse, Phonoscope, Sudden Link and more. We are the only company that is offering more than the traditional thirty and sixty second advertising solutions. We offer custom productions for all innovative advertising needs.

Founded by accredited actress and entertainer Colgate Smilez, we specialize in television program productions such as reality series, talk shows, sitcoms and event coverage.

We also provide video production for:
  • - Commercials, Informercials and PSAs
  • - Training and Instructional videos
  • - Television and social media ads
  • - Live Television broadcast
  • - Documentary
  • - Music Videos
  • - Short films (1-59 minutes)
  • - Feature films (60+ minutes)

Lets Check it Out !!

  • http://youtu.be/SWVsBdmN1LM
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